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About ten years ago, I had a crisis with settling in a new country, friendship, identity and my marriage had problems. I was anxious and had panic attacks. All that led me to lose confidence and becoming depressed. I desperately needed help before losing my mind. One morning I woke up and realised that I didn't have a reason to get up. I was a wreck! Only when I hit my emotional rock-bottom, I decided to go on therapy. The therapist helped me get back to life within three months. I will never forget her face and will always be grateful as no one else could have helped me at that moment. I did not get rid of my panic attacks immediately, but I learnt how to deal with them. Later on, I continued my journey, I have learnt different techniques, and I have been free of them. The reason that I tell you all that is because I would like to try to change the idea of therapy. There is some stigma around therapy, which I feel prevents more people that could benefit from some help from reaching out. And part of the reason is the way therapy is often practised. We would all benefit if the methods would adapt to modern life, and people's attitude would change. Therapy doesn't necessarily have to last for years! It doesn't mean that you are broken, and it is not scary! There are many approaches, but you need to "shop" around for the right therapist and feel comfortable with the person. It could make such a difference if you don't wait until you are in pieces and can't function any more, but instead ask for help when it's needed. There is a reason why we don't do our own haircuts, manicure and so on. We look for a professional. But for some reason, we never ask for help if our emotional and mental state is not right. Sometimes even one session makes a huge difference in someone's life. When you talk to someone that is not your friend or partner, you hear yourself differently. And that helps. I am proud and happy to say that for some of my clients, three sessions of psychosomatic therapy are enough to feel better, to get the life back on track, to believe in themselves, and to be who they want to be! #eppingforest #chigwell #london #therapy #feelgood #behappy

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