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Help yourself out of spiralling anxious thoughts

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Would you like to know how to help yourself from those spiralling anxious thoughts?

If you imagine a funnel, that’s how the worrying thoughts are forming. They start with something generic and often almost unnoticed. But then quickly spiral and focus into something that makes you feel low and disengaged from day-to-day activities. You might feel restless, losing control and unable to switch off those thoughts. Your thoughts could even be accompanied by physical sensations, such as: * - Accelerated hear rate, * - Sweating and shaking, * - Cold hands and feet, * - Muscle contractions that prepare your body for flight/fight or paralysed response * - Inability to take a full breath, which can be especially scary in the current situation.

One way to stop anxiety is to notice what is happening to you. You need to: 1. ⏹STOP – Notice what is going on with you in that moment. What symptoms you are experiencing? Analyse yourself and write it down. 2. ⏮REWIND – Think what had happened before you start feeling like that. Whether it was a conversation with someone, TV news, something that you were thinking earlier, and so on. Write it all down. Make a little notepad or use the notes application in your mobile phone. Create a small diary for your thoughts. 3. ☑️RETHINK – Now look the whole situation again and think. Are there real grounds to be worried? Can you find a way to disprove your thoughts? After all, they are lowering your quality of life without any positive change. I usually help my clients to find a code word of phrase to deal with it. For instance: “it’s just a worry, it’s not real”. You too could find a special code word that helps your brain jump out of those spiralling thoughts. Remember it is absolutely natural to experience anxiety, especially in these times. Some people are more prone to anxiety than others. Just be kind to yourself, try this technique or look for help. #anxiety #anxietyrelief #london #lifecoaching

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