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How well do you know yourself?

I mean the "true you", not the image that your parents created, not the mask that you put on in front of your colleagues, not the role that you play in your family. I supposed the "true you" is not possible without contributing factors of your past, your childhood and the society. I mean how much of that is a false belief, that your past transferred on you. If you are in constant conflict with how you feel and how you live, there might be some negative beliefs that you need to address. For example, a lady believes that she is not attractive, and as a result of it, she doesn't love her body. At the same time, deep down, she knows she is amazing and beautiful. This could be caused, for example, by her parents for considered her sibling more beautiful. Or a man that is afraid of being unsuccessful and is dismissive of his achievements. He lives in continuous stress, trying to prove himself. The root of it might go back to a negative school experience, where he was not able to prove himself and lost his confidence. Being frank with yourself is not always easy, and once you are, you can't unlearn those facts. It can cause significant changes in your life, or you might decide to take a passive approach and change nothing. But it still will be your decision for which you can take full responsibly and embrace your strength rather than playing a victim role. Try to answer these questions without thinking; just the first that comes to your mind. The answers might tell you interesting things. Well, it certainly did for me. 1. Deep down sex is …… 2. If people knew me they would be ….. 3. When I hear someone described as a very intellectual, I imagine they will….

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