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Live your life today!

Again about love. To your family, your friends, your special ones and most importantly, to yourself. The lockdown has given us a unique opportunity to reflect, and in many cases, reevaluate and rediscover our relationships, values and priorities.

The lockdown has significantly changed our lives. At first, we experienced the shock and disbelief of the whole situation. I was shocked the most when I went to the supermarket and could not find much food. Bear in mind that I was born in the Soviet Union, and I remember perfectly well the empty shelves, no food, and the stressed adults around me. For some years, there was this constant anxiety about having enough food. Luckily my grandparents had a house with a large garden, where we grew our veggies and preserved them for the winter. We also had chickens, cows, and we were almost self-sufficient. This March, when I enter Sainsbury's and could not find essential items, I believe I was traumatised by the thought that now I am an adult, and have to provide to keep my children safe.

I am sure a lot of people felt similarly. That was a Shock stage. After that came the Denial stage, when we all laughed and joked and could not believe this is happening to us. Then we entered the Anger stage, feeling unhappy with the government, employers, people around us. And then, came the Depression stage, feeling this will never end, having no energy for doing even day to day things, no desire to talk to anyone, life is dark. This stage is normal, and it allows us to reflect and to change our way of thinking, to adapt to the new ways. Some people have stayed longer in the Depression stage, and are struggling to come out. But others have moved on to Acceptance. Here we find again love for people, for ourselves and the ability to look at this situation from another angle.

I want to share some beautiful examples of my clients and friends that have rediscovered themselves, found a better work-life balance and received important insights into their life. One of my clients decided to take time for himself, to rent a cottage in another country and to take a break of a couple of months after working non-stop for decades. Another realised that she can't work anymore for 14 hours a day and on weekends, and renegotiated her contract. Another example is of a couple rediscovering love to each other. Last but not least, a dad who realised how much he misses his family by working very long hours every day.

I dare to say that many of us realised that we have only one life. Today will never repeat, and you don't know what tomorrow will bring. It is essential to experience your life today and not tomorrow, not in a year. You can't waste time on things that are not meaningful. You need to love yourself today, now, because tomorrow will be another day. Tell people that you love them, hug them today, because tomorrow will be another day. Stop pretending, stop hiding, stop procrastinating, stop lying to yourself, stop doing the "right" things and just live! Be sincere and kind to yourself. Get healthy, get in shape, be beautiful inside and outside, find a hobby, learn to play a musical instrument, go dancing, do the work you love to do, travel, meet with your friends, play with your children, find your love, break the boundaries and live today. Tomorrow will be another day!

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