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Welcome to my website! 

I am here to help you untangle life situations, support you through the changes,  challenge your thinking, inspire and motivate you to a life of Love, Freedom and Fulfilment.

I work in Russian and English with individuals and small groups, offering integrative therapy/coaching.


About Me

I am JULIA. I was born and raised in Russia, since then I lived in Germany, Scotland and now in England. I have significant experience within the international private education system and have worked directly with students and their parents. My passion for working with students from varying backgrounds and helping them with the associated anxieties of international placement led me to retrain as a psychosomatic (body-mind) therapist.

With the integrative approach, I use the special techniques that work just for you. I don't believe in one strategy or programme for all. And I stand by that the most important is the chemistry between a client and a life coach. I help people to find answers about themselves and relationships and create new desired patterns in their life. My goal is to respectfully challenge and take a client out of their comfort zone to facilitate the desired change towards confidence, fulfilment, freedom and love. 

Also, I specialise in anxiety, panic attacks and body-mind conditions.

I work in two languages: English and Russian.

Please read my blog for some thought-provoking ideas. But if you really want to make a change, please think of seeking professional help. I am here for you! 


How can I help

Exceeding Your Expectations

I offer online and in-person coaching and therapy based on an integrative approach, aimed at understanding yourself and facilitating change in your life towards love, freedom and fulfilment. I specialise in confidence, relationships, anxiety and body-mind conditions.  My services include: 

*  First trial session

* 12 weeks ReselfMe PTP (Personal Transformation Programme)

* One-to-one ReselfMe sessions

* Emergency 2 hours session 

Each session lasts 60 minutes and can be held online or in-person.


Book a first trial session

I believe that for therapy to be successful, one of the most important things we need is to have chemistry and complete trust.  If you are thinking about having therapy or coaching, you need to "shop around" and find the right person for you.

Therefore I offer a one-hour session, no further commitment. It is an excellent way to discuss your priorities and needs, to discuss further actions and work out the next steps. This session is suitable for people that have realised that they would benefit from working with a professional but are looking for the right person and approach.


12 weeks ReselfMe PTP (Personal Transformation Programme) 


This programme is designed for individuals  and groups that would like to go through an intense transformation, find answers, and develop new strategies to live a happier and more fulfilled life. You would benefit from ReselfMe if:

  • You think that you have untapped potential 

  • You feel stuck

  • You wonder why you are "different, and if there is something "wrong" with you 

  •  You rely on other people to make you happy 

  • You are questioning your future

  • You are wondering about your happiness

  • You are examining your relationships or if you are not enjoying them 

If this resonates with you, then please contact me for more information Whatsapp, Telegram on +44 7984656645. 

As part of the programme, we would meet online once a week for 90 minutes. 

Our sessions are mostly conversational and with some exercises. During the whole period of 12 weeks, I will be giving 24/7 support via messages and even emergency sessions. 

My goal is to respectfully challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone. I firmly believe that only then you will discover something truly significant. It is human nature to stop progressing and developing when we feel comfortable. And through this process, we can achieve in a relatively short period what takes others years.

 ReselfMe PTP consists of four stages:

  1. Getting to know yourself 

The first three weeks are designed: 

  •  for you to get to know yourself better

  • to understand and verbalise your problems  

  • to understand what changes do you want to make 

  • to understand your desires and wishes 

This block will be based mostly on talking therapy. Be prepared to speak most of the time. This block will be challenging, but it is absolutely necessary, and I will be by your side the whole time. 

2. Making sense of and accepting your past 

The next three weeks are about finding answers. Starting by sincerely accepting your past. We will talk a lot about who you are, and why you react or deal with situations in particular ways, and why something is not exactly how you wish it would be.

This stage will require a lot of thinking and processing. I will be talking a lot more, explaining and helping you to find the answers. I will be using association techniques, "travelling" to your past (imaginative exercises) and relaxation. But again, I will virtually hold your hand all the way through. 

3. New Patterns 

These three weeks are about looking in detail at your day-to-day life. We are going to identify unhealthy patterns and strategies and replace them with the desired ones. This stage is all about present life, and we are going to be creating new ways of acting and reacting. 

4. Reimagining and Reinventing yourself 

This stage is about creating the future you want. We are going to develop a 10-year plan and visualise it. You will receive knowledge and tools for how to move forward and help you reach your goals. 

I have designed this programme by combining my experience, including excellent outcomes with previous clients, powerful techniques, and a personalised approach. It will be challenging but insightful and will yield results. 


One-to-one ReselfMe sessions (life coaching or counselling)

These sessions are not packaged. There can be as few as three sessions or ongoing work together.

 I use an integrative approach adapting different techniques to a particular person. Together we find what is holding you back and address negative beliefs.

We can also work with psychosomatic issues, explore what is it your body telling you by producing pain or discomfort. Please read my blog to understand better what is psychosomatic or book a free first session. 



I would like to share some of the feedback from my clients. But I deeply respect the privacy and confidentiality of people with whom I work. Therefore all my testimonials are anonymous and only published from client consent.

Julia Martinez has been working with me for several months now, coaching me on business development strategy.  I felt overwhelmed and stuck with my business. She helped me and supported me through emotional challenges, and I can already see positive results. Her work style suits me well. In addition to being a professional, she is a sensitive and gentle person. It was easy to open up to her and to start effectively working with my problems. It is essential for me that even when she asks uncomfortable questions, I don’t feel a threat from her. I always feel that she is on my side. 
Each session has its a result. Often, at the beginning of the session, I can even imagine how it will end. I am surprised by the revelations I receive from these sessions. 
I especially want to mention that Julia works quickly, gently and efficiently.
Sometimes, we also deal with my psychosomatics issues.  For example, in one session, I was able to understand my problem, accept the real cause for this condition and resolve it. After that session, that condition did not come back. (Female client, 35 years old)


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