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About ADHD, Dyslexia

Many of my clients are dyslexic, ADHD, highly sensitive people, and they are beautiful, intelligent people with sensitive souls and huge hearts. They are often compassionate, empathic, with a strong moral compass, creative and imaginative, problem solvers. They have a great sense of humour, are multitaskers, are full of energy and ac

ceptance, and always try to find a positive side of things. But they also come with the burden of trauma, low self-esteem, inability for emotional regulation and fear of rejection - that is why they often come to counselling. Please make a note that I am generalising here. I am speaking from personal and professional experience.

The main issue for these people is that they have not been properly accepted by society (nursery, school, coaches, trainers, friend's parents) and family. They have been told to be changed, be calmer, be more focused, pay attention, listen, understand, and be different. They have been told by society that they are not good enough, that there is something wrong with them. They feel like rejects, not worthy. They grow up becoming people-pleasers, often in abusive relationships, but deep inside, they believe they can do better and have talent.

And this is true!!! There are different theories about genetic conditions caused by generation trauma or trauma between the last pregnancy trimester or the first year of life that caused ADHD (ADD), dyslexia and high sensitivity.

But in the end, it doesn't really matter, only for self-understanding and acceptance.

These people need to know that without their sensitivity, obsessions when they find their talent, their desire to help others - our society would not exist. We would have been extinct if not for the vigilant safety watchers of Highly Sensitive People, amazing food gatherers and hunters ADHD people that were fast and creative. What about Dyslexia People and their ability for creativity and seeing the whole picture? In their mind, they can see the house in 3D before they can build it.

But I first-hand know how frustrating and helpless you feel! How at times you want to scream that my child is talented, just wait and see!

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