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About trauma

For the last few days, I have wanted to write a post about trauma, and coincidently, this problem just whooshed through my home last night. I had a call from my dear friend who was experiencing re-traumatisation.

They (I don't want to mention gender) went on so popular life transformational online workshop. It was a free version to hook clients in for a paid, longer-term product. Basically, my friend was doing some techniques suggested by that counsellor and went straight into their own trama, got re-traumatised and was just coping the last few days without any further professional support. We dealt with it on the phone, and it was an emergency measure. My friend is fine.

I asked them for permission to write about it as a warning for others. Please take care of yourself and trust only those professionals that can support you and not leave you alone with surfaced trauma. It can be very serious!

There are so many healers, coaches, counsellors, practitioners that offer some kind of "free for all" techniques without supervising. It might work perfectly well for ten people and damage the 11th.

I was able to help my friend so quickly because I don't believe in methods that work for all. I have known my friend for over 20 years, and I knew what would be helpful for them.

I work with trauma, I have done many different courses on trauma, and there is no universal trick. There are so many variables, such as age when that happened, who was around, how dramatic the event was, how unexpectedly it happened, etc.

It's practically impossible to heal your trauma without professional help because your psyche will protect you from going there again. In order to heal, you need to go there again, accept what happened, get the support you needed, and re-write your experience. I know it sounds like let's use the time machine to go back and fix it. But it is possible to find peace and let it go.

I am sending you my love! 🧡

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