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Anxiety is a natural bodily response to stress. It’s a feeling of fear or apprehension about what’s to come. We need this emotion to protect us. Basically, our body tells us, be careful here, you are doing something that needs your full attention. That is why our body responds in such overdrive:

* Not allowing you to think of anything else other than that particular problem

* Increasing heart rate,

* Hyperventilating,

* Insomnia - you can sleep because there might be danger - you need to solve the problem!

* digestive or gastrointestinal problems

* trembling or muscle twitching - as a preparation for a fight/flight response

Normally anxiety comes and goes, and it does not interfere with your everyday life. But for some people, it is a constant struggle. There might be different reasons for anxiety disorder, such as genetics and certain traumatic experience, especially in childhood, it could be physical (thyroid problems). All that make some people more prone to anxiety and triggers it at particular times.

Anxiety can feel different to different people. It can be from butterflies in your stomach to fear and worry, have difficulty sleeping, panic attacks, nightmares, painful thoughts or memories, feel out of control, even out of body experience with the complete disconnection between your mind and body.

It can be very lonely and scary to experience all that. So I know people might want to isolate themselves in those moments.

If you are coping with anxiety at home, you can help yourself:

* Exercising

* Meditating (youtube meditations)

* Drinking less caffeine, alcohol

* Call a friend, tell them how you feel

* Distract yourself with a good film

But most importantly, take a deep breath and remind yourself that the only person that can change situations is YOU.

You are in control of your body, thoughts. Look around; there are neighbours, friends, family, even strangers that are happy to help. You are not alone, and good people surround you; you just need to allow yourself to ask for help.

I am speaking not only from professional but also from personal experience - you will feel anxious until you make a decision “That’s Enough” - things will get better.

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