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Eating disorders are complex coping strategies helping people to feel better about themselves. For example, binge-eating can momentarily give a sense of satisfaction, over-exercising can distract from other life matters, and restricting food intake can give a sense of achievement. All of them help numb feelings that are painful to express and experience. 

Such strategies help someone cope with low self-esteem, relationship problems, loss of identity, emptiness and loneliness.

The roots of such conditions often start in early childhood developmental stages and become coping strategies during adolescence. Therefore, starting therapeutic interventions as early as possible is important before the behaviour becomes a hard-core habit that absorbs every focus of someone’s life. 

It is essential for someone with eating disorders to undergo personal therapy. Learning how to self-regulate emotionally is at the core of successful recovery and minimises relapses. 

Also, working in groups helps to learn to relate to others. No one understands better than the person who went through the despair of an eating disorder. 

I facilitate this free support group for people in personal therapy or who went through therapy to help them establish better relationships with themselves and others. 

I want to invite you to a safe space to express your feelings, hear others, and connect heart to heart. 


  • Fees - Free of charge

  • Participants - Young people 

  • We need Parental Consent for those under 18 years old 

  • Address: Cherry Tree Therapy Centre 2, Station Parade, Buckhurst Hill IG9 6EU

  • Mondays  at 6 pm (GMT)

  • Contact to book a space


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