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Love language

Love language - it is a particular way that you express your love and understand that you are being loved and cared for. It is something that we hardly ever think about. Every day we are busy with our family errands, work, friends, social life, we come home and expect that our partner should know exactly what we need, especially after being together for many years. For example, how do you express your love, do you get a present, or give a hug, or create a romantic atmosphere? Ask yourself a question, "Do I really know how to show my love to my partner in a way that he/she appreciates it?" Interesting, isn't it? My husband and I took a test and then shared the results. It was fascinating to read it, as somewhere deep in my mind I knew what is important to him, but I never realised to what extent. If you are intrigued, take a test, maybe it will help you tounderstand yourself and each other better. 

#love #relationships #marriage

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