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People suffering from migraines know that it is such intense pain that you can't compare with anything else. It burns, it stabs, it shuts you down for up to three days. It completely takes over your life. There is no treatment; insurance doesn't cover it as it is an ongoing condition; and no one knows why it happens, when and what to do. Migraine, most of the times, has psychosomatic roots. The only way to get rid of it is, to be honest with yourself, to look deep down and to find out: 1) Why don't you accept your reality? Do you feel that you are in your own place? Are you "playing" a role in life that you are not ready for, or can't accept? 2) Do you feel worthy, intellectually and professionally? The good news is that the migraines will and can go away when your life situation changes. You can wait or go on therapy to help yourself to find the reasons. I used to have them almost every month, but not any more! I was feeling that I was wasting my life, that I could do more. I found what fulfilled me, and I haven't had migraines for a year now.

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