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Psychosomatic method

There is a lot of scientific evidence suggesting there is a clear connection between our mind and body, which can manifest in the form of illness. This is called psychosomatics. Our body is an extremely intelligent system. When we encounter any psychological conflict we try to solve it on the “upper level” of our body (our mind, brain). If this attempt did not work, then the conflict "goes down" for our body to solve it. It could manifest in many different ways, for instance: constant headaches, low energy level, falling ill, stomach issues, skin problem, and so on. Let me give you an extreme but current example. Someone hears the terrible news about coronavirus in China. He panics, gets scared that very soon it will reach us, starts thinking what to do and how to protect himself. This is a psychological conflict that is difficult to solve at the mind level. Body receives direct instruction from the brain to protect and get rid of this virus. What do you think happens next? Yes, this person develops a fever to burn the virus, sinuses get full of fluids, and a cough tries to expel the pathogen from the body. That is a great example of how psychosomatics work. It is an immediate connection between our feeling, fears, emotions, and our body’s reaction. There is an effective way to deal with such mind games. Identify when something got started and why. Once a person understands it, the effect can be immediate: in our example above, the temperature goes back to normal and the body recovers. The average therapy for psychosomatic illnesses varies between three and six sessions. Depending on the severity it can last longer. I have been dealing with such disease like, migraines, stomach illness, psoriasis, eczema, acne, back aches, hair loss, weight gain and many more. Believe it or not, it works 😉 #chigwell #eppingessex #london #psychology#somatics #helpingothers

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