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ReselfMe, what does it mean?

As promised, I would like to explain why I chose the name ReselfMe for my blog & my#lifecoachingpractice.

🔺We are who we are, with all our past, our emotions, thoughts and habits.

But, at some point in our life, we decide that something is not quite right.

🔺We start asking ourselves whether we are in the right career path or relationships, why we feel stuck and unhappy.

💡ReselfMe means:

- going to the real me;

- finding those hidden desires;

- accepting myself for

who I am;

- accepting the people

around me;

- discovering my talents;

- adopting new way of acting and reacting...

And lots of other changes leading to your personal breakthroughs💥

The main themes of this journey are#love,#freedomand#fulfilment. It can be hard to break learnt unhealthy patterns, and it is not an easy journey. But you will be rewarded and surprised with yourself.

🎭It is essential to living your own life and not the life that you are "supposed" to live by someone's opinion :)

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