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Course in Psychosomatics

Last weekend I was in Moscow completing my course in Psychosomatics. It is complicated to describe what I experienced. I always prefer to try out the new technics on myself first to understand how my clients might feel. What can I say…. I came back on Monday and today is Thursday, and I still don’t have words to express what happened there. All I can say is that I have learnt a lot of new things about myself, some were shocking, others exciting. One observation that I took out is that once we accept who we are, who our loved ones are, we take responsibility for our life, then many new “doors” open to us. I have learnt a phenomenal method of working with anxieties, confidence, feeling worthy and all we need is to be open-minded and a strong desire to be happy ourselves. The universe heard me by sending my way many new clients. Thank you PSY2.0/Школа Психосоматики, for helping me to discover myself.

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