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What is Psychosomatics? It comes from the Greek language and it means soul and body. Essentially, it suggests that there is a direct connection between our emotions, inner conflicts and our wellbeing. Sigmund Freud took great interest in Psychosomatics. When we turn away from our problems then it backfires in the form of diseases. Many of you know the feeling, before going on vacation when so many things fall on you. While you are dealing with a huge amount of errands and even some unforeseen circumstances that you need to solve there and then, your body truly supports you through this stress. At last, you pack the bags, get on a plane, and finally, you are at that long-awaited vacation. What happens then? You relax and get ill with a cold, a virus or something else. That is an example of the fundamental principle of Psychosomatics: any conflict, however minor, that affects you will reflect in your body and wellbeing. I find it, fascinating!

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