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Again, about love ...

Yesterday I worked with a beautiful couple, and I am grateful for such a valuable experience. That conversation made me think. At what moment in our lives, we stop listening to ourselves and our partner. We speak the same language, but each of us understands what they want to hear, or don't even hear any words at all. But sometimes people speak different languages, and it doesn't matter at all, they still have understanding, kindness and love. At the beginning of the relationship, we usually are on the same wave with a loved one. Happiness doesn't need words, and we can feel each other. Then suddenly something changes, it is difficult to notice when and what, but we stop listening and resentment spins in a snowball. In such a moment, I think, it's essential to pause and look at yourself, to find what is that you want from life and relationship, find harmony with yourself. If you and your partner have not completely detached, he/she will see the change in you. Then you will be able to have an adult to adult conversation. Please don't wait, until it is too late, start from yourself.

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