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Highly sensitive people

I am reading a fantastic book "The Highly Sensitive Person" by Elain N.Aron, PhD. One of the main characteristics of a highly sensitive person (HSP) is a profound experience of every emotion, sound and visual stimulation. It can be exhausting, but it also has amazing benefits. For instance, HSP can have a different level of empathy, the ability to read body language, sense a tiny change in a tone of voice. It is genetic, and is not a disability or a disease - it simply is the way our brain operates. Traditionally such people choose advisory professions like teaching, counselling, medicine, law, art. They tend to be more idealistic and less practical. If HSP is not forced to be practical, they can lose touch with reality. HSP can have difficulty with public speaking, low self-confidence, networking, tolerating noise. If it sounds like you can be an HSP or someone close to you, this TED talk can help you to understand more #reflect #wellbeing #hsp

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