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This weekend I experienced something completely new and daunting. In the study, we finished the Psychodynamic approach with practising the "couch work". This practice is a rat

her classical method when a patient lays down on a couch, and an analyst/therapist is listening and internally analysing everything. It is a classic Sigmund Freud approach. I am sure you have seen such scenes in the movies, where a therapist is a rather intimidating guy in a suit, and a patient lays on a couch. Because I am very curious to experience everything on myself, I decide to be brave and try it out. I will be honest with you, I was very nervous about this kind of therapy. As a client, I am supposed to lay down on a couch, which is already a vulnerable position to be in, and I could not see my therapist's face, although I knew she was there. I am supposed to speak about anything that comes to my mind, just vocalising any of my thoughts. Once I passed through the first awkward stage, I started talking about very personal things, the kind of things that I was not able to tell anyone or even myself. It felt like a daydreaming, I could hear my voice saying things and then experience my feelings and measuring my emotions. It felt like I was talking to myself, but this time it was sincere. I can not say it was a pleasant conversation, but certainly a long-needed one. I am still processing and trying to figure it all out. But I am positively thankful for this experience. I am also aware that there were people in my course that hated this method, and I do appreciate that it is not for everyone. Personally, I found it very powerful as a patient and as a therapist. It was like freeing yourself from judgements and consciousness and just allowing stuff to come upon the surface and float there for my understanding and acceptance. #psychology#psychotherapy #psychodynamic

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