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Loyalty in all it's manifestations

Today I would like to talk about loyalty in all its manifestations. How loyal are you to your country, your employer, your friends, your partner, your beliefs and yourself? Have you probably noticed how your principles and beliefs have changed throughout your life? Speaking from personal experience and looking back, I realise how at different stages of my life, my loyalty has changed too. For example, many years ago, I never even considered leaving Russia, the country that was my home, and now my home is the UK. Is it a betrayal or just a change in the personal situation? The problem is that a certain type of migration is acceptable by society and considered to be "normal". At the same time, if someone decides to go into multiple relationships - that found being unfaithful and disloyal. Is that because it is out of social norms? Imagine the situation that in order to be loyal to the family, some people need to have multiple relationships in their life. Some people need additional excitement and novelty and challenge, which they are unable to receive from their partner any more. What to do here, stay faithful to your partner and betray yourself, or the other way around? These are the kind of questions that in some cases, I help my clients deal with. I can not generalise as everyone's situation is different, but I think it is the most important to stay loyal to yourself. You owe it to yourself! ❤️😉

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