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Midlife crisis

We tend to think of something catastrophic or ridiculous when we talk about midlife crises. Working with clients, I often hear about frustration, unsatisfaction with the current situation, boredom, fear of ageing and the tremendous responsibility for your family. Then comes the feeling of being stuck. I suggest looking at midlife crises from the other angle. Around this age, we have already achieved a career, a family, friends, hobbies, we have travelled. But most of all we already have fulfilled our life’s plan. Let's recognise it, celebrate and start looking for a new plan. During the first phase of our adult life, 20-40 years old, we do what we "should" do, according to our childhood beliefs. Now when it's done, we can do what we "want". And it doesn' t have to be destructive, just allow us being yourself. #talk #age #feeling #beliefs

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