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Overheard conversation

Today I overheard a conversation of my two little men. They were talking about being in love! The older one was focusing more on facts and ideas based on films (I think). The younger one was just super romantic, and I am quite sure he was talking from personal experience. From their wording, being in love is: * when you think someone is very beautiful * your heart bits faster and gets bigger * your face will react * your heart will tell you that you are in love * being in love is like making a wish, lighting up a candle and then blowing it down * when you are not anymore in love, your heart breaks into many tiny pieces and then turns black * you will want to fight for your love I honestly found that conversation so beautiful! They made me think how important it is to feel love and how universal this subject is, independently of age, sex or a race. I am sitting next to them and remembering and thinking about different moments of my life when I was in love. For me, falling in love is a must. It is being genuinely positive about someone, emotionally sensitive, impressed, feeling empathetic and having aligned interests, craving physical desire. It's a rollercoaster, it gives me energy and makes me feel alive! What does it mean to you? #loveislove #fallinginlove #loveforall

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