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The difference between a mood and an emotion

Do you know the difference between a mood and an emotion? A mood is a temporary state of mind or feeling.

For example, we might say, "I am in a bad mood today". Our mood is a result of our emotions. Emotions are also a temporary state of our mind, but it an unconscious, intuitive process or a biological reaction.

Often we don't even recognise what has caused our bad mood. So if we look at it from a different angle - the emotion is a deeper process, and the mood is a visible result of the experienced emotions.

Let's go back to the example about having a Bad Mood. Depending on a person and his inner world, a bad mood could be a definitive product of a person feeling Frustrated, Lonely and Helpless. It is possible to deal with the beast after you name it. The first step is asking yourself, "What has happened earlier that set me in a bad mood?". "What did I feel?" - and then try to name that emotion.

We will be doing this exercise together and learning how to recognise our own emotions.

Check my stories, where I will give an overview of emotions. Please feel free to share this. 🧡☀️

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