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My whole life, I’ve been a good girl, tried to do the right thing. Please don’t take me wrong I did rebel many times! And if you ask my parents or my ex-boyfriend(s) they would sarcastically smile when I say that I was a good girl. But the truth is that I am: I have never tried drugs or did stupid things, I am deeply upset if my parents do not agree with me, my family is my priority number one, my children are the world to me, I am happily married for 15 years. Imagine my amazement now when I learnt/understood/discovered that there is NO RIGHT AND WRONG, NO BLACK AND WHITE. Every single person is so unique in their own way. There are no universal rules for being good. What’s good for me, is wrong for another. I am writing this post now and thinking it’s all so simple. Technically speaking, we are responsible only for ourselves; even our children have their personalities. I can’t decide for them how to be in their special life, how to grow, and who to become. I am here just to help them spread their wings and let them fly. For me, this is what therapy is about: it’s about freedom from fears, dogmas, addictions, and it is a revolution in a positive way. That’s the reason why I chose my logo a phoenix that was reborn to a new life. #psychology #psychotherapy #psychosomatic #reallife #london #uk

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