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Weight gain

Today I would like to touch a subject of weight gain according to psychosomatics. If you look at your family tree, you could notice your family’s predisposition in relation to weight. According to psychosomatics, weigh is a defence mechanism against outside danger. For example, one person hundreds of years ago was on a battlefield, and because he was big, strong and intimidating, it helped him survive. Especially if there was a situation when his enemy got scared and run away after seeing him, this becomes a psychological model for survival. These strong emotions of experienced trauma become Transgenerational Trauma. There is a relatively new psychological theory about transgenerational trauma, suggesting that when a person receives a strong shock of dying but survives, this traumatic experience changes the way how DNA is expressed, and this can be passed to the next generations. Going back to our hero that survived in a battlefield, in this case, he passes to the next generation that being big is vital for survival. If the next generation is in some kind of similar situation, this becomes a pattern that reaches our days. But we live in relatively peaceful conditions, so why do we need to be big? Think of a circumstance in a work environment when someone feels insecure, unconsciously this person tries to look stronger, more powerful or more significant. Another example is that of a new mother, who feels insecure and needs to be bigger to “protect” her baby and not to show how scared she is. Over time, as this new mum gains confidence in her new role and relaxes, she could start losing some of the weight. Or, if she unconsciously continues to believe that her size is important for her to perform in her new role, the situation could persist. Of course, each person is unique, and I work closely to find out what is the particular reason for weight gain. But often it is an unconscious desire to look stronger so that no one hurts us.

The next post will be about weight loss.

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