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Weight loss

As promised, this post follows on my previous post about weight. Weight loss can be intentional, as when we diet, or unintentional as when get ill. In this post I am talking about people that are naturally thin or loose/lose weight unintentionally Sometimes people suffer from a quick loss due to chronic diseases such as gastroenteritis, bowl disease, and overactive thyroid. Such illnesses can get worse when a person experiences problem that the mind unconsciously translates into a threat to our existence. Of course, there is no universal answer regarding what condition or situation each of us would consider threatening as every person is unique. For some, it can be a decrease in salary, or losing their job. For others, a threat is moving to another country or a drastic change in their environment. While for some might be separating from their partner. As varied are people, so are their conflicts. But the root of each problem can be traced back to survival. To hundreds of years ago, when our ancestors hid behind trees or pretended to be dead for their enemies not to notice them. This instinct has been passed on from generation to generation and eventually changed the expression of their DNA. And falling into dangerous “survival” situations can trigger these mechanisms. Going back to my previous post, some people are programmed to be thin or to lose weight to survive, while others are programmed to be heave or gain weight. We can consciously change these programs by understanding that whatever worked for our ancestor many years ago, might not be relevant to us now.

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